The Mental Health Institute of Legal Professions (MHILP) is an independent non-profit charity, constituted on  May 4th, 2018 and registered with the National Associations Registry (Num. 616034) of the Interior Ministry of the Spanish Government on  August 9th of this year. Its primary function is to work for the wellbeing of:

1. Legal professionals: lawyers, court agents, judges, prosecutors, and civil service of the Administration of Justice.

2. Candidates who are preparing to exercise any legal profession.

3. Law students.

Phase A. The radiography


– To ascertain the abovementioned collectives mental health status through surveys and interviews.

– To identify the psychosocial risk factors of these collectives.

Phase B. The promotion of well-being in legal professions


– To inform about the studies and research related to these collectives well-being.

– To recommend the adoption of organizational and functioning policies at law firms, the Administration of Justice (Judicial Office), law schools and different legal training centers, both private and public.

– To fight against the stigma and discriminatory practices which suffer these collectives because of some mental health problem through awareness campaigns.

– To foster help-seeking behaviors.

– To promote the female leadership in the legal world ant to break the glass ceiling through making strategic agreements with female jurists organizations.

– To include mental health contents at university programs (Law Degree and Master’s Degree) at law schools and legal training centers, and organized courses by professional and students associations.

Phase C. Verification and Certification

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Start: legal year 2019-2020

Phase D. Healthcare service

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Start: legal year 2020-2021 / 2021-2022