Advisory Board


The Council of Government of the Instituto de Salud Mental de la Abogacía – Mental Health Institute of Legal Profession (ISMA-MHILP) has decided to create an Advisory Board to comply with its purposes.

Bearing in mind that Anglo-Saxon countries are pioneers in the adoption of legal professions and law schools wellbeing policies throughout the world, this Board will be composed of lawyers, of recognized prestige, who work in these topics. 


Member: Elizabeth Rimmer (CEO of LawCare)

Elizabeth has been managing and developing charities in the mental health sector for over 20 years. She joined LawCare in September 2014 from the Institute of Group Analysis, a membership and training organization for group psychotherapists. Before that, she headed up Alzheimer’s Disease International, a worldwide federation of Alzheimer Associations. Elizabeth started her working life as a solicitor specializing in clinical negligence, practicing at Leigh Day.

LawCare, a registered charity, supports and promotes good mental health and wellbeing throughout the legal community in the United Kingdom and Ireland. LawCare provides emotional support, information about the mental health issues that can affect lawyers and works to raise awareness about why mental health matters.

Member: Brian Cuban

Brian Cuban, the younger brother of Dallas Mavericks owner and entrepreneur Mark Cuban, is a Dallas based attorney, author, and addiction recovery advocate. He is graduate of Penn State University and The University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Brian has been in long term recovery from alcohol, cocaine, and bulimia since April of 2007.

His first book, “Shattered Image: My Triumph Over Body Dysmorphic Disorder,” chronicles his first-hand experiences living with, and recovering from, twenty-seven years of eating disorders, and Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

Brian’s most recent, best-selling book, “The Addicted Lawyer, Tales of The Bar, Booze, Blow & Redemption,” is an unflinching look back at how addiction and other mental health issues destroyed his career as a once successful lawyer and how he and others in the profession redefined their lives in recovery and found redemption.

Brian has spoken at law schools, colleges, universities, conferences, non-profit and bar association events across the United States and Canada. Brian has appeared on prestigious talks shows such as the Katie Couric Show as well as numerous media outlets around the country. He also writes extensively on these subjects. His columns have appeared, and he has been quoted on these topics on,, The Huffington Post, Above The Law, The New York Times, and in online and print newspapers around the world.  

Member: Bob Murray

Bob Murray, MBA, PhD is a clinical psychologist and a behavioral neurogeneticist who consults with law firms large and small in the U.S., Australia, China/Hong Kong, the UK and Europe. At the heart of his work with firms are issues of stress, depression and resilience. His insights are based on his wide experience in business as well as his deep knowledge of research in the areas of management, psychology, genetics and neurobiology.

Dr. Bob is a key-note speaker, executive coach and strategic advisor. With his colleague Dr. Alicia Fortinberry, Bob won the American Science Achievement Award and was appointed to head the Obama Administration’s comprehensive national work stress initiative.

Bob’s latest book with Alicia, Leading the Future: The human science of law firm strategy and leadership (Ark Group, London) shows the potential impact of the new science of human wellbeing and organizational success. Bob and Alicia are also authors of the international best-sellers Creating Optimism and Raising an Optimistic Child (McGraw-Hill, New York), which have become standards in the fields of optimism and resilience.

Dr. Bob has worked with major medical centers in the U.S. and Australia and lectured at Sydney, Duke, Tufts, South Florida and California State universities. He received his MBA and MA in Psychology from Sydney University and his PhD from New York University.

Bob began his career as a psychologist with a private practice in New York and for several years ran the University of South Florida’s very successful “Uplift Program” aimed at people with majordepressive disorder. He also successfully exported this program to Australia.

He is a member of the American Psychological Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science and was made a Fellow of the British Institute of Management.