Mckenzie Cross


Elizabeth Rimmer is the Chief Executive Officer for the company LawCare. She joined the organization in 2014 and has worked hard with them ever since. She graduated in 1997 from Kings College in London majoring in medical law and ethics. Before she worked at LawCare, Rimmer had been working as a solicitor specializing in clinical negligence. She has had over fifteen years of experience operating and organizing mental health charities. Currently at Lawcare, she has been working hard to create a strong support system for professionals within the legal field and their families.

LawCare was founded in 1997, and since then they have helped thousands of people within the legal profession with mental health issues. The organization has grown and now serves the people throughout the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, and Jersey. LawCare is focused to not let any lawyer feel alone. Feeling like they are the only one suffering is one of the biggest reasons that they do not seek out help. LawCare has a helpline that you can call where you will be paired with an employee or volunteer that also have experience working within the law sector.

Their helpline is their main support program. It is available to call 365 days a year. The hotline is confidential, impartial, and independent from the United Kingdom’s law system. One of the most unique qualities about the LawCare helpline is that if you feel as though you are struggling more than the person can help you, you will be sent through to a LawCare supporter. A LawCare supporter is an employee who has also gone through a large struggle. They are there for you one on one for as long as you may need. The company also keeps a list of counselors and psychiatrists on hand. These mental health professionals have had special experience working with lawyers in the past, so that they may know the best treatment route for you. These lists are kept on hand so that whenever the need arises they are ready to refer you.

The hotline was created on the basis that sometimes a human just needs to talk to another human. Seventy-five percent of the calls that came through last year reported stress as the reason that they were calling. Sometimes, being able to call a stranger and talk about your problems actually helps you to work through them on your own. LawCare says that most of their callers report that they do not feel as though they need any follow up support.

Another unique aspect to the organization is that they also provide support to families and friends of Lawyers. Not only do the legal professionals need help dealing with stress and anxiety, but sometimes their families need help knowing what to do to help their loved one. LawCare provides this information to families to help them grow together. This is very important because working with stress and anxiety, as well as other mental health illnesses, is already hard enough without having to worry about your family. Lawcare takes this worry away and even turns it around so that your family may help you become even more successful.

Elizabeth Rimmer’s work with LawCare has helped the United Kingdom greatly. Not only has she been helping to create a support system throughout the legal field, she is bringing awareness to an issue that usually does not like to be talked about. By breaking down the stigma walls and showing legal professionals and other professionals that mental health is a very real issue, we can provide support and resources to make the working community a healthier place.