Next Friday, May 18, 2018, will be held at the premises of our collaborator, the Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía (ISDE), the informative breakfast entitled “Concern about the legal professionals generates added value.”

This breakfast, which we hope will be the first of many in different universities, legal training centers and Professional Associations of the national territory, aims to show an important reality to which we must pay attention and that from the Mental Health Institute of the Legal Professions (ISMA, by its abbreviated name in Spanish) we are showing from our constitution as an independent organization: that everyone has to worry about the mental health of the legal professionals.

For this reason, the breakfast will begin with an exhibition of a reference project in the world of medicine, the HUCI project. The explanation of this project will be carried out by Mari Cruz Martín Delgado, president of the Spanish Society of Critical Intensive Medicine and Coronary Units (SEMICyUC).

Next, the President and the First Vice President of the ISMA will participate in exposing both faces of the same reality: the human side of the problem, which is the main reason why ISMA exists and by which its members work daily; and also the economic front, since they will demonstrate the high cost in terms of effective losses and opportunity costs associated with the lack of mental health planning in professional disputes.

Finally, before the networking, the head of Human Resources at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Carlos Bel, who will describe the telematic work or telecommuting policy.

The purpose of the ISMA in this informative breakfast is not to start walking on the path to the destigmatization of mental health problems in our honorable profession and to work to achieve clients’ awareness, as they are the ultimate recipients of services legal professionals. Normalization of this problem is essential for our sector, as is already the case in other professional fields (such as medicine).

We invite you, then, to attend the event. Its details (including those necessary to make the reservation) will be found in the invitation that is in the header of the publication that has been prepared by the Second Vice-President and Director of Communication of the ISMA, Marta Lopera Mármol.