Meeting of the MHILP’s Council of Government with Núria Flaquer, representative of the recently elected Government Board of the ICAB, and Xavier Puigdollers


Yesterday was quite a special day for Manel Atserias Luque and Tomás Gabriel García Micó, the President and the Vice President of the Mental Health Institute of Legal Profession (“MHILP”) because, along with celebrating the first month of life of the project, they had the opportunity (and the honor) of holding the second meeting with the representatives of the Barcelona Bar Association (at its premises located in Carrer Mallorca). This meeting was with the representative Núria Flaquer, as well as with Xavier Puigdollers, with whom they shared their points of views and disclosed the specificities of the MHILP. Moreover, that meeting concluded with the representatives of the MHILP and Nuria Falquer agreeing to keep close contact to explore how the Barcelona Bar Association and the MHILP may collaborate. Such collaboration will transcend the recently-constituted Commission on Disabled People’s Rights and will involve the Barcelona Bar Association as an institution.

This meeting that longed more than two hours was described as really positive and productive by the representatives of the MHILP. Both Manel and Tomás had the chance of hearing the tips of two colleagues and, as expected, learning from their life experiences and their professionality.

The position of the Barcelona Bar Association, an institution that represents many Catalan lawyers prides the MHILP and, naturally, is admired by Manel Atserias Luque and Tomás Gabriel García Micó.

Once again, from the Mental Health Institute of Legal Profession, we sincerely thank the Government Board of the Barcelona Bar Association, presided by Mª Eugènia Gay Rosell, open its doors to us. We hope that, sooner than later, we the MHILP will collaborate with the Barcelona Bar Association because the guidelines of that institution’s deanship coincide with the MHILP’s: internationalization, focus on people and professionals and, of course, the defense of gender equality and fostering feminine leadership.

Finally, we want to thank all the Government Board and, particularly, the Dean of the Barcelona Bar Association (Mª Eugènia Gay Rosell), its Assistant (Erika Torregrossa), representatives Núria Flaquer and Emma Gumbert and also to Xavier Puigdollers.

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