On June 20th, 2018, Manel Atserias Luque (President) and Tomas Gabriel García Micó (first Vice President) of the Mental Health Institute of Legal Professions met with Carlos Bel, head of Human Capital of PwC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers) in Catalonia.

During the meeting, which lasted approximately two hours, Carlos Bel explained the well-being policies that the firm is implementing and answered all the questions posed by the representatives of the ISMA.

Likewise, the head of Human Capital of one of the Big4 explained the Well-being Plan of the firm, called “Be well, work well.” This program takes into account the four fundamental dimensions of well-being (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).

PwC: Be well, work well

After the meeting, Carlos Bel taught the PwC facilities to Manel and Tomas so that they would know, first hand, what the atmosphere is in the firm.

This first meeting is part of the first round of contacts that ISMA is maintaining with law firms or firms with a legal division. In the words of the president of the ISMA, “before constituting the Well-being Committee definitively, we want to know what the current situation of the sector is. Only then can we know what our starting point is. This summer we will study the PwC plan in detail. We hope the other more firms welcome us as PwC has done.”

The Council of Government of the ISMA wants to thank Carlos Bel for his attention, kindness, transparency, and commitment.