Transparency Portal

Since its origins, the Mental Health Institute of Legal Professions (MHILP) has publically assumed a commitment towards transparency and good governance arisen from the main principles of the Act 19/2013, of November 9, of transparency, access to public information and good governance.

Even though the MHILP it is not an obliged subject under Act 19/2013, the Council of Government acknowledges that the only way to achieve the associative purposes outlined in article 3 of the MHILP’s Articles of Incorporation is through public participation and making available to the citizenship all the essential documentation of our activity.

For this reason, from the MHILP we will be periodically publishing the most relevant associative documentation to ease the control by the citizenship of the activity done by the Council of Government and the several committees.

For queries related to this Portal, please use the following e-mail address enabled by the Council of Government: