Paula Fernández Ochoa

Paula has a solid education and professional experience that allow her to have a global vision of the business. From practicing law for years, she has gone on to set up her Legal Marketing and Personal & Corporate Brand consultancy + MoreThanLaw and, in parallel, due to her healthy lifestyle and sports fondness, she has created her brand: VivircorRiendo. She is 100% entrepreneur.

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She is a partner of + MORETHANLAW, a Legal Marketing and Personal Brand consultant in high competition environments. She has been an attorney at MAZARS and GARRIGUES, manager at LEGÁLITAS and Head of Business Development at ROCA JUNYENT. Graduate in Law and Qualified in Economics (ICADE), Postgraduate in Business Administration and Management (Pompeu Fabra), PDD in IESE and Digital Marketing and Sales Management Program at ESADE. She is a member of the Management Committee of Legálitas LAB, the Board of Directors of Inkietos and the Welfare Committee of the Mental Health of the Lawyer Institute. She is a teacher at several universities, a regular speaker and author of ebooks and various marketing and personal branding articles.

With sport in her genes, a passion inherited from his father the Olympic skier Paco Fernández-Ochoa, she founded @VivircorRiendo, from which she motivates and inspires with her motto “Que a Reir No te Gane Nadie” (Be a champ of laughs)  and she is a champion of Welfare as a way of life that brings quality and results in the benefit of productivity (e.g., presentations at the 10th edition of the Economics Week in Alzira or the Feminine and Business Leadership Forum in Valencia and Barcelona, under the title “Make your best mark”). She works as an ambassador for numerous brands and as a teacher in professional associations in the sector (e.g., Spanish Olympic Committee, Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation, Liga4Sports). She collaborates in numerous support projects. She is the protagonist and co-author of one of the stories in the book “The Mountain and Life,” Ediciones Desnivel 2018, with stories that show the mountain as an enormous catalyst of emotions.

Ferran Garcia de Palau Garcia-Faria

Ferran Garcia de Palau Garcia-Faria is a practicing lawyer since 1992. He knows stress and depression in depth, which he has suffered personally.  Due to his eagerness to find tools to manage psychological discomfort effectively and sustainably, he started in the practice of mindfulness, later training as an instructor.

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He is accredited as an Instructor of the renowned Stress Reduction Program based on Mindfulness of the University of Massachusetts (MBSR) and is a member of the Professional Association of Mindfulness Instructors-MBSR as well as the Spanish Mindfulness Association.

He directs the training center of the College of Attorneys of Barcelona (Centre d’Estudis de la Procura) where he teaches an annual mindfulness program for legal professionals. Likewise, he has been part of the Well-Being Committee of the Mental Health Institute of Legal Professions (MHILP) since its creation and has designed the Mindfulness program “Lawfulness” for legal professionals.

He directs the Area of Mindfulness, Personal Growth and In-company Services of  PSICOTOOLS Psychology Center. On the other hand, he is a Certified Mindfulness Instructor for children and adolescents of the Eline Snel Method and facilitates courses in educational centers, aimed at students, teachers, and parents. Ferran is a versatile professional, highly appreciated for his ability to communicate, his connection with people and his sense of humor.

Gabriela Boldó Prats

Gabriela has a broad and solid career that has allowed her to live both the legal professions and the study of Law (as coordinator of the LL.M. in Professional Legal Practice at the Barcelona School of Management-Universitat Pompeu Fabra).

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For more than 16 years (between 1999 and 2016), Gabriela has worked as a substitute judge, mainly in criminal jurisdiction, but at the beginning of her career as a substitute judge, she also passed through civil jurisdiction (separations, divorces, and incapacitations). Throughout these years he has been able to see the human suffering and the responsibility that implies to be a lawyer and judge, not only from the legal point of view, but from the human side, in the sense that legal professionals treat the problems of others People who put us in our hands so we can offer them solutions.

Gabriela says that “to be able to see these problems from the necessary approach, with respect and empathy, without mixing emotions of other moments of our personal life included with the resonances that may generate us, we must be present and manage stress well.”

Throughout these years, the nerves, tensions, and stress that this responsibility entails and how these nerves and anxiety have diminished human quality and excellence in the exercise of our profession; in short, the mental health of the lawyer and the judge in the practice of the profession. For this reason, she did the course of MBSR, created by Jon Kabat-Zinn, for the reduction of stress and the improvement of the quality of life as well as the course of the house of emotions, at the Institute of Ecological Economy. Both courses aim to manage emotion, stress and have abilities to make a change of perspective in distressing situations.

He currently works as coordinator of the LL.M. in Professional Legal Practice at BSM-UPF and offers the possibility for students to learn the MBSR course with a professional formed by the Machassusets school. She is fully convinced that the incorporation of these tools in the university field and professional colleges will improve the mental health of the lawyer and will only produce positive results.

Berta Santos Rouco

Berta Santos Rouco is a Lawyer and Legal Coach. She has developed her career in Knowledge & Information Department in Clifford Chance. She was working as an Intelectual Property Lawyer in International companies such as Isdin, Nestlé, BDO Audiberia and different intellectual property agencies.

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She works as a coach in legal firms and offers private sessions for lawyers. She is a teacher in law universities doing sessions regarding emotional intelligence, coaching, and leadership for lawyers.

Óscar Fernández León

Óscar Fernández León has been a practicing lawyer since 1987 and is a 4th Deputy of the Governing Board of the Seville Bar Association. Independently of his constant activity linked to the professional practice of law, for ten years he has been developing a constant formative and informative work aimed at improving the profession in aspects related to the improvement of practical skills related to the lawyer, in its triple aspect of person, professional and businessman, teaching whose ultimate goal is to achieve a quality law at an individual and collective level.

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He is a managing partner of the firm “LEONOLARTE FIRMA DE ABOGADOS”. He combines the management activity of the firm with his professional practice. He is specialized in lawyer’s professional skills, and is author of eleven books on professional practice with the Editorial Aranzadi (forensic oratory, loyalty of clients, professional skills of the young lawyer, professional fees, preparation of the previous hearing and the trial, manual for the litigating lawyer, the art of the interrogation of witnesses, the art of the pleading, etc.).

He has written numerous articles and posts related to his specialization in matters related to professional practice in all strategic areas (litigation, office management, marketing, etc.), collaborating with numerous magazines and newspapers linked to the legal sector: ABC, Expansión, La Revista de Aranzadi, Actualidad Jurídica Aranzadi, Legaltoday, Economist & Iuris,, Confilegal, etc.

Oscar is a trainer, lecturer and university lecturer in the Master’s Degree in Law at several universities, and coordinator and lecturer in the Title of Expert in Litigation of the UNIR. Likewise, he develops a training activity throughout the country through collaborations with Bar Associations and young lawyers associations.

Since 2011 he has two blogs “MANUEL INTERNO DE GESTION” (belonging to the digital magazine and “MI PRACTICA DIARIA” , being a very active professional in social networks (@oscarleon_abog).

Eugenia Navarro Segura

Eugenia Navarro Segura is a Chemical Engineer by the Sarrià Chemical Institute and holds a degree in Chemical Sciences from the Ramón Llull University. She holds a Master’s in Strategic Marketing Management from ESADE and has completed a program in Leadership of Professional Firms by Harvard Business School.

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She started her professional career in the world of lawyers as Marketing and Business Development director of Baker & Mckenzie in Spain in 2000. She is currently a consultant and her professional activity is focused on strategic and innovation projects in the legal sector both in national and international law firms and in multinational companies where the legal function wants to position itself as strategic.

Eugenia is a professor of legal strategy and marketing at ESADE Law School, where she leads different courses in the field of management such as Management for in-house  lawyers, among others. Her professional career has always been developed in international fields.

She is a regular speaker in management and innovation forums in the legal sector. She is the author of numerous articles on management, blogger of, of the General Council of Spanish Law and collaborator of LA VANGUARDIA. She has published the Legal Marketing manual (Ed, Tirant Lo Blanc, 2013) and is co-author of the chapter on communication and ethics of the book The role of the lawyer in the implementation of the principles of Ruggi, (ed. Tirant lo Blanc). In her capacity as researcher she has published the first studies on the Business Legal Sector (2012) and the profile of the lawyer of XXI  Century (2014).

Sara Molina Pérez-Tomé

Sara Molina Pérez-Tomé is CEO of Marketingnize, change management and business development consultant, and coach. She is a professor of “Management, Marketing, and Skills” at the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria and of “Management and Leadership” at the Universidad Sergio de Arboleda. She is also the author of the books “Manual de Dirección, Gestión y Marketing Jurídico” and “El Abogado 3.0”.

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Sara is the promoter and president of the Office Management and Innovation Section of the Madrid Bar Association. She is also co-organizer of Legal Hackers Madrid and collaborator in the Spanish delegation of the world’s first Legal Hackathon in 2018.

She has a degree in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid. She did her Masters in “Business and Telecommunications, Internet and Audiovisual Law” at Villanueva University and in “Coaching and NLP” by the International Association of Coaching and Psychology.