Well-Being Committee


The Well-Being Committee is an autonomous and decision-making branch created under the directions of the Council of Government of the Mental Health Institute of Legal Professions (“MHILP”) aimed to set the necessary structures to develop the first two work-phases of the MHILP.

The Well-Being Committee, formed by representatives of all the relevant Law-related collectives, answers to the need of fulfilling the following objectives:

3rd. To recommend the adoption of certain organizational policies within law firms, judicial administration, and law schools to improve the wellbeing of these collectives.

7th. To propose the inclusion of mental health contents in university programs (Law Degree and LL.M. for the Access to the Bar Association) to Law Schools and legal training centers, as well as in the courses organized by bar associations and law students associations.

In particular, the functions of the Well-Being Committee of the MHILP are:

  • Drafting the Yearly Well-being Programme (“YWP”), which will recommend all the relevant actors to adopt certain organizational policies to grant the well-being of legal professionals and Law students.
  • Drafting the Scalation Proposal (“Scale”) in collaboration with the Scientific Committee. This document intends to objectivate and grant a numeric value to (i) problems detected with the internal MHILP reports and (ii) the need-to-be-improved points that the MHILP will have detected previously. With this system, the MHILP will be ready to launch its third phase: the verification and certification system.
  • Overview of the correct implementation and functioning of the verification and certification system.


The Well-Being Committee is an organism composed by twenty-one members which will represent each of one of the collectives for which the MHILP is working to (legal professionals and law students), as well as by the representatives of the Scientific Committee and the Observatory for Gender Equality in Legal Professions.

The President and the Vice-President of the MHILP will be members (that will not be counted as members) and will attend each meeting, with voice but without a vote.

Member: Ferran García de Palau García-Faria

Ferran García de Palau García-Faria is a lawyer registered before the Barcelona Bar Association since 1992, having developed his professional activity in Private Law, Commercial Law, and Procedural Law. He has trained several juniors lawyers and has been Law teacher.

Currently, he works as Mindfulness instructor to adults and children; he does workshops and courses for professionals, companies and educational centers. He has designed the program Mindfulness to adults «Lawfulness». He presides the Training Center of the Barcelona Procurators’ Association (Centre d’Estudis de la Procura), where he teaches mindfulness courses to legal professionals and, at the same time, he manages the Mindfulness Area of the Center of Psychology and Professional Growing PSICOTOOLS.

Member: Marisa Méndez

Marisa Méndez works as psychologist-coach and has a long career in the legal industry. She is member of the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid (nº 33319). She holds a degree in Psychology from UNED and she is currently studying the Master in General Health Psychology from UNIR and the Master in Clinical Sexology and Couples Therapy by ISEP.  She has received specialized training in coaching, NLP, emotional intelligence and eneagram.

In addition, Marisa is a dual qualified lawyer (English and Spanish) and holds a Master in Marketing and a Postgraduate degree in Management of Non Profit Organizations. She has enjoyed a has enjoyed a 20 years prolific career in the legal industry.  Previously she was a finance associate in the London office of Clifford Chance, Consultant to the third sector, including a UN-Agency and Iberian Marketing Manager to Allen & Overy. In 2008, she started working as consultant to law firms in Spain and Latin America and from 2010 she became a life coach. Her passion and interest for the deep understanding of behaviour and motivation of professionals, took her to get her qualification as psychologist.

Currently, she is devoted to the design of the “Becoming a Happier and a Healthier Lawyer Program” (BHHL), based on the findings of the science of well-being. The Program´s aim is to enhance law school students’ and lawyers’ well-being. She is an associate professor in IE Law School, ESADE and ISDE.

She is also a very active writing books, articles and case studies in her fields of specialization, including the Spanish chapter (“Big Law in Spain: a Dynamic Ecosystem”) of the book “Big Law in Latin America and Spain: Globalization and Adjustments in the Provision of High-End Legal Services“, a project of the Stanford Law School on the Future of the Legal Profession and published by Palgrave McMillan in 2017.


Member: Berta Santos Rouco

Lawyer and Legal Coach.

She has developed her career in Knowledge & Information Department in Clifford Chance. She was working as an Intelectual Property Lawyer in International companies such as Isdin, Nestlé, BDO Audiberia and different intellectual property agencies.

She works as a coach in legal firms and offers private sessions for lawyers. She is a teacher in law universities doing sessions regarding emotional intelligence, coaching, and leadership for lawyers.